Paddle Care

How to Care for Your ZRE Paddle

Competition Canoes:

With proper care, your ZRE canoe paddle will last for years.


ZRE carbon fiber canoe paddles are designed with sufficient reinforcement in the tip to allow small dings or chips to be sanded or filed out. Blades that become blunt from hard use can also be sanded or filed.


By inspecting your paddle after each use and after hard hits, you may be able to catch any damage early when repair is easy. All ZRE canoe paddles are made in three pieces, so a part can easily be replaced at any ZRE Service Center if necessary. You can also do the replacement yourself.


If you look carefully, you can see the solid carbon fiber edge that goes around your paddle blade. You can sand or file this solid edge. After the bottom edge is sanded a few times, it will be slightly thicker and more durable.


On the front face of all canoe paddle blades toward the bottom is a small dot. This is a normal result of manufacturing. It will not affect paddle strength or performance.


Always protect your paddle from direct sunlight when not in use.


A paddle bag provides the best overall protection from ultraviolet light. If you stow your paddle immediately after using it, you won’t drive off without it—or over it.


Keep the blade edges sanded or filed smooth.


Smooth edges give you a clean, quiet entry and keep your paddle layers from coming apart. Be careful not to sand through to the foam core. Exposing the foam core to water can damage the core.


You can sand your paddle using wet sandpaper or use a vacuum source to collect dust.


If you get a puncture, crack, or hole in your paddle:


Dry the paddle. Water will damage the core. You can put a piece of duct tape or plastic tape over a crack or hole to keep the foam core from getting water-logged before a repair can be made.

Contact us today for more paddle care advice.

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