Ski Pole Straps

Ski Pole Straps

Infinity Ski Pole Straps

This strap is built for the cross-country skier!


Super-strong. Low swing weight. The Vise Strap is made with choice materials to give you years of service and comfort.


With the anchor clip system, the strap can adjust to any size hand for a perfect fit. This allows the Vise Strap to secure your hand for full control of the pole during all phases of the poling motion.

Parts Of Pole Grip

Infinity straps are padded for comfort and warmth. The retainer tongue is reinforced and sewn with 100% nylon threads. These straps are made to last—not leave your poles hanging by a few threads after a year of use.


Each pair has a separate strap for the left and right hands.


Fits both Infinity synthetic cork and natural cork grips, so you can mix and match your choice of grip material and Vise Strap colors.


Grips are offered in yellow, chrome, diamond plate, black, and snakeskin.


Contact us to learn more about the Vise Strap.

Different Grips Handle
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